In order to get on the mat and take Judo lessons you must first be a member of The Boys & Girls Club of Odessa, USA Judo and Texas Judo Inc. (Only minor children must be a member of  The Boys & Girls Club of Odessa)

All your Belt promotions have to be approved by USA Judo and Texas Judo Inc.

When you join USA Judo membership you automatically become a member of Texas Judo Inc.

Instructions for joining USA Judo as a member of OBC Judo Inc. (14083)

To join, click on "USA Judo"

Click on "Membership"

Click on "Join/Renew"

Click on "Create Account"

If student is age 16-year-old or younger.

Select - 1st Year Youth Membership Judo or Jujitsu (New Members Only) Fee is $60.00 for 12 months.

If student is age 17 or older.

Select - USA Judo or Jujitsu New Member-17 yrs. and above (New Members Only) Fee is $100.00 for 12 months.

Select State - Texas

Select Club - OBC Judo (14083)

Complete online registration

Save Your Login username and Password.

After you have joined USA Judo, you can purchase the Judo uniforms at the Odessa Boys & Girls Club Judo dojo.

White HSU Single Weave Student Judo Uniform
Sizes 000 to Size 2 $60.00
Sizes 3 & 4 $65.00
Sizes 5 & 6 $75.00
Sizes 7 & 8 $100.00
Club Back Patch $25.00